Final Fantasy 13

Final Fantasy XIII US

The Final Fantasy 13 trailer begins with a speeding train going along a raised track above the ground.

Inside the train, a number of figures are shown dressed in black and blue clothing. There are also soldiers around carrying guns with them. The speeding train goes into a dark tunnel, crashes into a barrier on the track and explodes.

The female protagonist can then be seen inside the train, fighting off soldiers with two guns. She seems to be able to move around in mid-air in this fight due to a blue light which appears around her from time to time.

Soon after, actual battle gameplay is shown. The female protagonist is fighting countless amounts of enemies with her gun weapon. During the battle, she seems to “freeze” a large group of enemies that have surrounded her. She jumps over them to attack another enemy behind the group, turns back around to the group and casts Fire magic on them while they are still “frozen”.

Towards the end of this footage, she transforms her gun weapon into a sword and continues fighting.

Next the female protagonist is walking through a kind of forest area, where she stops in her tracks and seems to be looking at something above her.

FF8 with behoimi-bikinis

In different, more darker surroundings, a large creature is seen floating downwards in the direction of the female protagonist. With the blue light around her again, she jumps up and lands on a platform with the large creature now facing her. She again transforms her gun weapon into a sword and stands in a “fighting” position.

The trailer then ends with the Final Fantasy 13 logo.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII / Final Fantasy Agito XIII Source