PS3 Exclusives: Final Fantasy 13 & Versus 13

It has been announced at the Square Enix Press Conference, that both Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy Versus 13 will be PlayStation 3 exclusives and won’t be going onto the XBox 360 console.

Square also said though that it is possible any future Fabula Nova Crystallis games, if they are announced, will be available for the XBox 360.

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2 thoughts on “PS3 Exclusives: Final Fantasy 13 & Versus 13”

  1. Where they Did a Great stuff for what I Know of FFXIII & FFXIII Versus for PS3. On my opinion the FFX13 Versus will be the second FF Game that will playable by two players at the same time. That’s what I have been Informed of by some..

    I’m waiting on the Day FF13 Versus come out so I can Buy it and GO! to my hometown and see my Brother that he is also a FAN of Final Fantasy Games, and go play with him and do lots of races from our houses seperately each with there own PS3 And FF13 Game System..

    PS: Thanx For the INFO!!!…..

  2. Was that a sarcastic remark above, as far as i know these developers are stubborn and these games will be ‘timed’ exclusive at best. Kojima had the motto that games aren’t art, they’re business and that developers will always back the most dominant console in the industry. Now look at them all bricking it when they would actually have to put there ‘money where their mouth is’…who would have thought. Do you people not realise that at least 50 percent of 360 owners were former ps2 owners and never had a xbox? I had a psone, ps2 & gamecube.What does kojima expect those fans of MGS to do who now have a 360?, he doesnt even have the balls to say it to our faces. As far as his ps3 is a ‘home theater’ comment is concerned, your home theater is only as good as your t.v and sound system , i can imagine all those people playing on 21 inch screen who couldn’t afford a bigger HDTV or sound system because the ps3 was soo goddamn expensive. I’ve even got a funny cartoon in mind, with some little runt with a tube t.v playing his apparently ‘home theater’ ps3, while the other cartoon shows a guy with a 360, playing in ‘true’ home theater style. I dont know what kojima is on about :s…I am that guy,i was able to afford a 37 inch t.v thanks to the price of 360…and the 360 is a ‘dvd player’??!! As for ffxiii and versus xiii, why shouldn’t it come to 360?…you ps3 owners can sleep easy at night knowing that you’ll be getting the best version, and then you’ll be tellng your m8s, ‘you have to play this game’…but will you have the balls to tell em to get a 550 dollar console? I think not, so stop complaining and let your friends enjoy the same games you enjoy, or are you jealous you had to pay more for a console to play that game?….BULLOCKS TO IT ALL!

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