New Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII Scans

The latest issue of Famitsu has tons of Final Fantasy XIII-related information and screens revealed to the public. Thanks to duckroll from NeoGAF for posting the information in detail. Below is the information revealed in the leaked magazine (the magazine itself is supposed to be released on Tuesday.. oh well).

General Information

  • The demo included with Advent Children Complete will be on a PS3 disc, not on standard blue-ray movie disc. So pretty much everyone will be able to play the demo.
  • There are 3 real-time screens of Final Fantasy Agito XIII from the trailer, including a screen of Odin.
  • 3 pages worth of Final Fantasy XIII information and media, about 20 screenshots, which are apparently real-time.
  • The Final Fantasy XIII demo will be from the opening part of the game, and will be longer than Advent Children Complete (Read the previous article).
  • 4 pages on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, about 10 screenshots which are all real-time.
  • Shinigami (designed by Amano) is worshiped in the world of Versus XIII.
  • The cars and clothing seen in the trailers so far may probably change in design for the final game.
  • The morale of the team is really high! (duh!)
  • There is this really hot chick featured in one of the magazine scans who I think is the heroine of Versus XIII, just take a look at the scans below. :P
  • Final Fantasy XIII will have a party battle system (say good bye to Rambo-like Lightning seen in the trailer), where you control each character as they switch turns, like in previous Final Fantasy games. The system, however, will be totally different from Final Fantasy XII.
  • Final Fantasy XIII’s story is being written such that every single of the main characters will feel like protagonists, instead of just supporting characters (say good bye to meaningless character such as Penelo :D).
  • At the top of the building where the prince and the heroine of Versus meet, there is a painting. That painting is the Shinigami that is worshiped in the world, and the painting of it in the game itself, is drawn by Amano.
  • The name of the prince and the heroine in Versus will be revealed at TGS.

Final Fantasy Agito XIII

  • The game is moved to the PSP because the developers couldn’t wait for cellphones to get more advanced (Making a big Final Fantasy game for a cellphone is a mistake to begin with IMHO).
  • The battle will be heavy on action but still sort of turn based. It will use an advanced version of Crisis Core’s high speed ATB system (Crisis Core battle system is a button-mashing crap, so let’s hope the “advanced” version is going to be better).
  • Crisis Core was a 1 character game, but there will be multiple characters in the party this time.
  • Right now, the game supports Infrastructure multiplayer for up to 3 players.
  • Summons are part of the character growth system, and can also be controlled by players after summoning.
  • The game will support both Ad-hoc and Infrastructure.