Fabula Nova Crystallis

Final Fantasy XIII US

“One myth, countless stories

“The New Tale of the Crystal
Like the light that shines through the Crystal,
the universe shines with multi-colored content.”

Fabula Nova Crystallis, which is defined in Latin as “the new tale of the crystal”, is made up of a series of different titles in the Final Fantasy 13 universe. Each of these titles in Fabula Nova Crystallis will feature different characters, different worlds and different stories. All of which are ultimately based on and expand upon a common mythos.

The Final Fantasy 13 series’ concept is based on Crystals that lead the world towards the future.

The multiple number of titles in Fabula Nova Crystallis will span a number of different platforms, which include the PlayStation 3 and the mobile phone.

Official Fabula Nova Crystallis Logo:

The titles in Fabula Nova Crystallis that have been announced so far are:

Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy Versus 13 and Final Fantasy Agito 13.

A further three titles have been announced for the series, although no information has been revealed on them at this time. However, one title is rumoured to be named Final Fantasy Haeresis 13, this name was registered by Square Enix with USPTO at the start of May 2006.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII / Final Fantasy Agito XIII Source