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The battle system in Final Fantasy 13 will be in ATB (Active Time Battle), it will differ from previous Final Fantasy’s that also had ATB by being more fast-paced. Final Fantasy 13 has been said to also take the ATB to the next level.

Along with all the fast-paced battles, there will be a strategic side to the battle system. This will come in the form of command input battles, where the player will input commands and the actions will be executed in a continuos chain.

Sometimes in Final Fantasy 13 there will be just one person, but there will also be times when a party of characters will be formed. In party battles, the members will be able to chain together their actions.

The type of battles which are in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, and also that were only possible during previous Final Fantasy’s in FMV, are now possible in the Final Fantasy 13 in-game battles too.

Battle Attacks & Spells

(Note: Some of the following is speculation, based off trailers and images)

In Final Fantasy 13 a number of attacks and magic spells will be available. Each of these attacks appear to cost a certain amount of ATB points. In the battle footage (E3 2006 Trailer), the female character is seen dishing out a variety of attacks. As she carries out each of these attacks, the “ATB COST” points decrease and then slowly auto-regain in number.

Here are the attacks that are known of so far.

Attacks ATB_Cost Information
Attack 30 Attack one target.
Defend ?? ??
Shoot 40 ??
V Strike 50 Attack one target and propel them into the air.
Aerial 60 Attack one target with an aerial maneuver.

Here are the magic spells known of so far.

Magic_Attacks ATB_Cost Information
Fire 40 Fire element attack on one target.
Fireaga ?? Fire element attack.
Appears to hit multiple targets.
Blizzrad 40 Ice element attack on one target.
Thunder 40 Thunder element attack on one target.
Cure 50 Restore HP on one target.

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