Final Fantasy XIII US
Name: Unknown
The protagonist of Final Fantasy Versus 13 is the heir to the throne of his country. His royal family’s kingdom has protected the family crystals for generations. His country, which has recently come under attack, has the last crystal in the world.

Although he wears normal, modern day clothing, he works to protect the family crystals from creatures that come from another world.
Name: Unknown
A male character with blond hair, dressed in a white shirt and a grey vest. In the TGS 07 trailer he seemed to smile alot and be allied with the protagonist. They take a car trip together out of the city into desert wasteland. His weapon is a short gun.
Name: Unknown
A female character with long blond hair, dressed in a skirt. In the TGS 07 trailer, she is seen waiting for the protagonist, but when he arrives she points her sword towards him.

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  1. GAH! i’ve been dying to know his name. it’s killing me. i’ve check so many website and dropped by every single one numerous times. and NO ONE knows his name. he’s so hott though! i’ll give them credit for that. i just wish they’d reveal a smidgen more about him. *tear tear*

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