Trailer Description

Final Fantasy XIII US

The Final Fantasy Versus 13 trailer begins with showing a city full of high rise buildings at night and the William Shakespeare quote:

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

The male protagonist can then be seen from afar sitting on his throne, in an empty round room, with pillars and archways around the edge of the room. The following words appear:

“An isolated nation protected by an ancient line of kings
A modern civilisation alive with
the Crystal’s songs of swords and sorcery.”

The male protagonist can now be seen more closely, still sitting in the same position on his throne, with his eyes closed. He then opens his eyes, looks forward and stands up, then starts walking in the direction of where he was looking. The following words appear:

“A lone kingdom fighting to forestall
the outer world from imposing the heretic order.
The struggle for the final Crystal is
merely a prologue to the chronicles of a new era.”

The trailer then shows two tall statues on the outside of a building. The male protagonist is walking outside of the building, where there are number of fallen bodies both just before and on some steps. He looks at the fallen bodies for a brief moment and then stops walking at the top of the stairs. He looks down at the bottom of the stairs, where there are a large number of “enemies” all in armour and carrying guns.

The “enemies” all notice the male protagonist, as he starts to walk down the stairs they all point their guns at him. As the male protagonist comes further down the stairs the “enemies” start shooting at him, although this doesn’t seem to worry him as he continues to walk down the stairs in a calm manner. The “enemies” bullets either miss him or get blocked by some kind of invisible shield.

When the male protagonist reaches the middle of the stairs he stops and raises his right arm out to his right side. Around him appear a large number of swords, around a dozen, which are floating in mid-air. The swords then start to fly around him, along with a blue swirling light. He puts his right arm out in front of him and grabs one of the swords. One of his eyes then starts to glow a bright red.

The Final Fantasy Versus 13 logo then appears.

The trailer then comes to an end with the male protagonist sitting on his throne with his eyes closed.

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