Final Fantasy Agito 13

Final Fantasy Agito 13 will be a title for the mobile phone and has been described by Square Enix as an Online RPG. Similar to Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, the player will be adventuring on their own and joining up with their party only when needed.

The latin word “Agito” in Final Fantasy Agito 13, means stimulus or moving violently.

The story of Final Fantasy Agito 13 will begin in a magic school. As players progress from the magic school, they will be able to head out into the main world.

There will be at least 12 different students from the magic school, the player will be able to choose from any one of these students and play as them in the game. Each of the 12 students will have a different weapon available to them, these weapons include guns, a bow and arrow, swords and there are some students that can fight without weapons.

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Agito 13”

  1. Yea, I played all the other final fantasy games like everyone else. I really got into FF11 the online game. I heard through the grapevine that they were making another MMORPG game! (Using their experience from making FF11 the new FF mmorpg game must be even better then their last!) Not only that, but found out its coming out with the company of 2 other amazing FF games! what more could I want??

    But this is gonna before a mobile phone? I dont want some Digapets sh*t (forgot what its called for sure, but the mini game where one takes care of his pet on a mini hand-held.) How am I gonna take this seriously if am trying to get abunch of friends together in the middle of some street with our phones flipped out like a PSP commercial. Get real!

    I am reading this on the 25 christmas morning. This is the worst christmas present ever square!

    (I do appoligies for being so harsh on this game before its even come out, I hope i eat my words on how much of a let down i believe this game is going to be…)

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